Security and confidentiality policy of Internet bank of Capitron Bank

Security and confidentiality of transactions
Capitron Bank adheres to certain policy to prevent unauthorized accesses to customers’ accounts. As a customer, you are required to read and obey the Confidentiality Procedures of Internet Banking Customers.

Our bank uses the latest techniques and technologies to maintain internet confidentiality.

You accessed secure WEB
The following screen will appear for the first access to the Internet Banking website.

This reminds you to work in “Keeping confidentiality and security area”. When you press “No”, a lock will appear on the bottom of the right side of the screen. This shows you are working in closed and secured website.

We use the latest and the most reliable version of 128-bit SSL Encryption technology. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is used for the Internet Banking website. In other words, when you are in the Internet Banking website, anything entered to or anything leaving the website is secure. Nobody, except you, will have access to the data.

Automatic disconnection
If your computer is inactive for three minutes and you are using Internet Banking, you will be automatically disconnected from the server. This is a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to Internet Banking in case you have omitted to exit from the internet banking site.

There are many hierarchical methods of confidentiality used by the system in order to make the system secure. The Bank asks you to read the following and take appropriate action to keep your personal information secure on the web.

Useful detailed suggestions are as follows:

Keeping your personal information secure
To ensure that no unauthorized access to your account takes place we recommend our users take the following action:

  1. Be careful with the locations you choose to access internet banking
    Try to avoid accessing internet banking from public places such as internet café and libraries. Use the “exit” button when exiting the Capitron Bank Internet site and don’t click the “yes” button when asked whether to remember the password.
  2. Be aware with online swindling
    Please note that there are websites that gather your personal information. These websites attempt to trick the user into disclosing information that will enable third parties to access the user’s internet account. Emails from such website might seem to be delivered from a financial organization but are infact attempts to obtain information that will allow a third party to access an internet account. Capitron Bank will never ask users to disclose their password by email. Capitron Bank will never ask a user to disclose his or her password over the phone.
  3. To change password
    Periodically change your password.
  4. If you suspect that anyone other than you knows your password, you should inform it to bank.
  5. Do not use the auto function to remember the name and passport of customer from computer
    When accessing into the site from your PC the first time, the system will sometimes ask if you want to remember the name and passport on that computer. Please do not ask the computer to remember the password. Do not forget that the next person can access from that PC into your internet-banking service.
To keep your passport privacy
  1. To keep your password to yourself
    Do not provide your password to anyone
  2. To have unusual password
    Use a strong password that others cannot guess it
  3. To use a password comprising of numbers, letters and signs
  4. To use different passport on different service
  5. To avoid using your name, date of birth or your telephone number as your passport
  6. Do not write down your password
  7. click “Exit” button ,when you sign out from internet banking service